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  • Summer School and Workshop in Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis 2022

    Detailed schedule

    Sunday, June 19

    16:00-18:00 Registration desk / Accueil (Jean Bosco center, 14 rue Roger Radisson, 69005 Lyon)
    18:30-19:30Welcome party at Jean Bosco Center (Buffet)

    Monday, June 20

    8:00-8:45 Registration desk / Accueil (Jean Bosco center)
    8:45-9:00Welcome / Bienvenue (Amphitheatre) - Presentation of IRCELYON (A. Auroux)

    English session (Amphitheatre - 1st floor)
    9:00-10:30Thermodynamics and bases of calorimetry
    (J.-P. Bellat)
    10:30-11:00 Coffee break and poster session10:30-11:00
    11:00-12:30Thermal analysis techniques and cells
    (G. Lebourleux)
    Lunch at Jean Bosco
    14:00-14:45 Couplings calorimetry with other techniques
    (A. Auroux)
    14:45-15:30 Adsorption calorimetry: Acid-base properties of metal oxides
    (A. Gervasini)
    15:30-16:45 Kinetics
    (N. Sbirrazzuoli)
    16:45-17:00 Coffee break 16:45-17:00
    17:15-18:15 Old Lyon guided tour 17:15-18:15
    18:45 Dinner at Jean Bosco 18:45

    Tuesday, June 21

    English session (Amphitheatre - 1st floor)
    8:30-10:00Thermodynamics, kinetics and bases of calorimetry
    (J.-P. Bellat)
    Coffee break and poster session
    10:30-12:00Thermal analysis techniques and applications
    (M. Bourdon)
    Lunch at Jean Bosco
    13:30-14:05 Calorimetry and biomass valorization
    (V. Folliard)
    14:10-14:45Hydrogen storage and production
    (G. Postole)
    14:50-15:30Heat storage
    (Q. Touloumet)
    Coffee break and poster session

    15:30-16:30 Coffee break and Poster session (not mandatory, only for the participants wanting to present their work)
    17:00-18:30 City tour of Lyon on an open-top bus (sunglasses - hat or umbrella recommended)
    18:45Dinner at Jean Bosco

    Wednesday, June 22

    English session (Amphitheatre - 1st floor)
    8:30-9:15TPR/TPO: Study of redox properties of metal oxides
    (A. Gervasini)
    9:15-10:00 Temperature-programmed desorption
    (L. Damjanovic)
    Coffee break and poster session
    10:30-12:00 Modulated DSC and applications (polymers, pharmaceutics, proteins, organics)
    (F. Hoppenot)
    Lunch at Jean Bosco

    13:30-14:00Bus Ride to IRCELYON
    14:00-17:30 Visit of the laboratories at IRCELYON (A. Auroux) and UCBLyon/LMI (F. Toche)
    Bus return to Fourvière at 17:30
    18:45Dinner at Jean Bosco

    Thursday, June 23

    English session (Amphitheatre - 1st floor)
    8:30-9:30 Tutorial classes - Case studies in thermal analysis
    (R. André)
    9:30-10:15Thermal analysis in food chemistry and pharmaceutics
    (V. Rakic)
    10:15-10:45Coffee break10:15-10:45
    10:45-12:15Solid-liquid calorimetry
    (J. Zajac)
    Lunch at Jean Bosco

    13:30-14:00Bus Ride to SETARAM
    14:00-17:00 Visit of SETARAM
    17:00-18:00 Bus Ride from SETARAM to Pérouges (25 km from Lyon, please take comfortable shoes)
    18:00-22:30 Guided visit of the medieval city of Pérouges and banquet at Le Relais de la Tour
    Departure of the bus at 22:00 from Pérouges, one stop at place Bellecour, one stop at Fourvière

    Friday, June 24

    English session (Amphitheatre - 1st floor)
    8:45-9:30 Thermal analysis for the study of polymers
    (O. Boyron)
    9:30-10:30CO2 capture
    (J.-Y. Coxam)
    Coffee break
    11:00-12:30Solid-liquid calorimetry
    (J. Zajac)
    Lunch at Jean Bosco

    14:00-14:30 Round Table / Discussion / Questions / Concluding remarks
    14:30-15:30 Drinks and Good-bye

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