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    Registration form

    For all participants, please fill the registration form below and click on submit. Then you will receive an invoice in several days indicating in detail the different ways to pay. You can pay by either cheque (in euro), bank transfer, or credit card. Order forms are not accepted for foreign participants.

    Gender:Male          Female
    Family name:
    First name:
    (of your institution)

    Participant type:Students and PhD students:
               660 euros including lodging in single room
               420 euros without lodging
               840 euros including lodging in single room in centre Jean Bosco
               650 euros without lodging
    Invoice address:
    (if different)

    Interest:Please indicate your specific domains of interest (i.e polymers, catalysts, H2 storage, ...):

    Remarks:If sharing a double room, please indicate with whom you would like to share it. Please indicate your dates of arrival and departure, and in case you plan to stay longer, the number of extra-nights you wish.

    If you have any problem, or if you don't get confirmation of your registration when pressing the Submit button, please contact the webmaster.

    You can also download this form: registration.pdf and send it back by e-mail: aline.auroux@ircelyon.univ-lyon1.fr

    Last update: November 30, 2021
    Contact : webmaster