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  • Summer School and Workshop in Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis 2023

    Program of the school and workshop

    Purpose of the course:

    The course is intended to fill the gap between the basic thermodynamic and kinetics concepts acquired by the students during their academic formation, and the use of experimental techniques such as thermal analysis and calorimetry to answer practical questions. The course will give the students insight into the different thermal and calorimetric methods which can be employed in studies aimed at characterizing the physico-chemical properties of materials. The course will give also the basic concepts for the physico-chemical comprehension of the relevant phenomena (adsorption/desorption, melting, crystallization, phase transitions, chemical interactions and reactions, ...).


    The school is addressed to PhD students, Post-docs, researchers, engineers, technical staff and technologists, belonging to academic structures as well as to private companies, already working or interested to orient their future research in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry, and which wish to acquire skill in such methods applied to the characterization of materials.

    Teaching facilities:

    • Lectures (Power Point slides in English)
    • Hands-on (small groups of students)
    • Workshops and round tables
    • Poster presentations by the participants
    • Guided visits to calorimetry and thermal analysis laboratories
    • Distribution of a hard copy of the teaching material
    • Creation of a web-site as an interactive platform, aimed at allowing the participants to ask questions and communicate each other (for a period of 3-6 months after the end of the School)


    A detailed schedule will soon be available.
    Photos of the calorimetry school which was held in June 2022 can be seen here: Photos of the 2022 school


    12 teachers from France and various International countries among the most well known specialists in calorimetry and thermal analysis techniques, will teach courses and answer questions during the school.


    A one-page abstract template is available here: Abstract template.

    For further information and reservation, please contact:
    Dr. Aline AUROUX, aline.auroux@outlook.com

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